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The Power of 3…..Spring Equinox, Super Moon AND Solar Eclipse!!!!

The door number of the house I grew up in was 3. I believe this formed my appreciation for this particular number. The number 3 for me has strong associations with the feeling of being safe, secure and loved. My whole life I have sought out that which comes in 3’s…..from the 3 largest Pyramids of Giza and there association with the 3 points of Orions Belt, to the 3 raindrops that I watched meandering down my window just the other day. I notice things that come in 3’s!!!


My day began with a feeling of intensified tingling sensations in my body. Goosebumps were the only outer indication of what I was feeling. I knew today was special. 

My mind was racing with thoughts about how we create our own realities, and how we should honour and embrace our differing perspectives instead of pushing against other people’s in an attempt to validate our own. It’s this very difference that gives us our individuality and unique creativity.

Feeling inspired and my mind so alive with hightened awareness I focused my attention on my children. The youngest was in the beautiful world of being 3, whilst my eldest found himself challenged by my intense ramblings on how we can harness the days energy and propel ourselves into the next dimension!!!! 😄


Ok so maybe it wasn’t quite as intense as that! He was however bombarded with lessons about how we can use the day to put into motion new ideas about ourselves and the direction that we wish to go. And so the ‘Bubbles of Intention’ were born!!

The solar eclipse had gone full cycle, the sky had brightened to reveal the most beautiful sunshine, and we were all 3 of us buzzing with excitement at the thought of putting our new intentions out into the ether. Ready to shed all that no longer supports our growth and leave behind the habits we have that hold us back so that we can spring into our new selves. The kids grabbed their bubble tubes and I grabbed my iPhone ready to capture the moment………..the moment we sent our ‘Bubbles of Intention’ out there!!! 




With 3 happy faces we continued our day as we wish to go on, with giggles and fun as the kids decided it was warm enough to put on swimming shorts and hit the garden for a water fight…..I admit I just watched this madness unfold instead of joining in!

I sat and enjoyed the sun…..


……….made pineapple juice blended with banana, mango, kiwi & goji berries ………


………..and made a feast inspired by Mother Nature herself………. 😋


With my children sleeping soundly I can reflect back on this day with satisfaction. Reminded of the simple beauty of my reality I can sit under the light of this Super Moon and blow my own ‘Bubbles of Intention’ before retreating inward to meditate before I kiss this day goodnight! 

Peace, Love & Unity 

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Designed to Dance

So after a fairly lengthy break in blogging, today the urge to do so seems to be bursting outward from the very core of me! Otherwise known as being inspired!

The rumblings of this current surge began when I read an interesting blog (I wanted to post the link but can’t find it!) about the life lessons you would go back and tell your 10 years younger self. The writer, on asking the masses received hundreds of responses which they were able to condense to a few gems of advice that were most common. One of which was the advice to look after your health and fitness now as ill health is a cumulative process. This triggered something in me. I consider myself fairly health conscious, however my fitness regime has somewhat slipped since my personal training sessions came to a fairly abrupt end due to unforeseen circumstances! I realised 2 things. Firstly that I had not (until now) actually taken on fully my responsibility to myself in respect of continuing my fitness regime. I had instead allowed some of the old mantras of mind to return to me. Examples are ‘I can’t fit it in around the kids’, ‘the kids won’t allow me the space’, ‘I can’t find babysitters’ bla bla bla! …..boring!! Ha!
Part of Simon Mckenzies’ training was all about the introduction of new mantras, of having a can do attitude. On the actual physical side he equipped me with the knowledge of how to execute a successful workout using only my body weight and home made weights using handbags full of household goods to weight them. I can hear his voice now saying ‘if you don’t continue with this fitness journey once I stop training you, then I haven’t done my job’. Simons Personal Training approach is holistic and his intent is to provide all the necessary tools to independently continue. Secondly a close friend asked me to be her fitness and weight loss buddy. To be asked to inspire her along her journey is an incredible honour as its often in this journey that we feel most exposed and most vulnerable. I want to take this role seriously but at that moment felt a little under qualified despite having achieved so much already in my own fitness, because I had not continued at the sane pace. On contemplation of these 2 realisations I noticed a common theme. People inspiring people. In the first instance my trainer has instilled mantras that will enable me to push on to achieve my goals and in the second a friend asked for inspiration which in turn inspired me back into actions through my desire to be an authentic guide for her! It’s really quite beautiful isn’t it!
On further contemplation of this inspiring interaction I found myself imagining human consciousness on a grand scale. Like a beautiful flock of birds moving as one, the subtle changes in direction setting off chain reactions and inspiring the flock to sway to a new rhythm yet always remaining as one. Or a shimmering shoal of fish moving rapidly through the water. It seems in both examples like it must be a choreographed dance, influenced by the movement of the air and water currents, the elements of nature that are their home. I think if we can begin to visualise human consciousness in this way then the idea of oneness becomes tangible. Seek to be inspired and inspiration will find you. Share your creations and discoveries and you will inspire others. Be mindful of the natural elements of water, fire earth, air and despite our often unnatural man made environment learn to feel the essence of these elements as they come to us through multiple sources. Use them to guide us to our next inspired action as do the birds and the fish! There really is no room for hate of others or loathing of self. Once we chose love not fear the choreopgraphy clicks into place. We are all worthy of being a part of this dance. We were ‘Designed to Dance’!

And on that note I’m going to go and dance my butt back into shape!!! Perfectly timed, my kids have just put on Michael Jacksons ‘Another Part of Me’……I kid you not!!! Anyone that knows the lyrics of this song will understand how apt that is to this blog post! Wow! Synchronicity in all its glory!!

One Love People!!

Here are a couple of vids for you to enjoy!! Watch all of them!

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Personal Training Week 4!!

So I’ve switched to calling this week 4 instead of counting days! Truth is I have lost count! So week 4 is here and Simon my trainer started the week off with a BANG!!! By far the hardest day yet!! Even tougher than Fitness Test Friday!! I will call it FTF! Every Friday I run through a serious of dynamic exercises such as jumping lunges, jumping squats, burpees etc etc. We count how many I achieve of each exercise within one minute. Each week should see an improvement. I am very happy to report that I made improvements on each exercise except the final plank which I collapsed about 15 seconds short of my previous time. I can live with that 😊

FTF was tough, but this weeks beginning workout……wow!! I don’t recall the last time I ached like this! The legs, the glutes, the back and core muscles!!! All of me hurts! But this is actually making me smile! I’ve come to enjoy this feeling as it indicates the work being done is effective!

I’ve started drinking Moringa Tea this week. Twice a day morning and night. I’ve been soaking the dried leaves in boiled water. It seems that this plant is one of natures gifts to us as it has many of the elements that we need to keep us in tip top condition. I enjoy the taste too! Quite earthy!

My diet consists of self juiced fruits and veg with decent amounts of raw food to snack on plus my daily protein requirements which Simon has worked out to be 17grams, 5 times a day!

My energy levels are fluctuating a bit this week, and emotionally, I feel a little drained today, but mostly I’ve been feeling great!

I’ve had to find that extra something this week to keep going and push through the pain both physically and emotionally. It feels good to know that I can 😊

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Personal Training Days 14, 15 & 16

This week has seen the return of my eldest child (9) from his trip to Cyprus to see his grandparents! In other words…..the chaos resumed!! Feels like a little hurricane entered my house and as yet has not lost its potency!!!!

My focus has been inevitably been shifted further from my fitness and closer to the management of home! So I think it’s wise for me to revisit my fitness objectives at this point. My desire is to push my fitness to the next level and to continue building from there. To be healthier mind, body & soul. To master my diet in order to provide myself with all the essential elements needed to thrive. The objectives are clear.

Now to review where I am currently. According to my trainer I am working at above average levels! This I feel really good about! The healthier mind?? I am learning much about the limitations we place on ourselves and how to change the internal mantras. When I’m struggling to push out the last couple of reps of a particular exercise and Simon is telling me ‘YES YOU CAN’…….I’m learning to use this as my new internal mantra! This is just one example of the healthier mind that I feel is in development. My body is changing too. I have been surprised on more than one occasion this week when I’ve noticed a firmness that most definitely wasn’t there before!! Most notable is the gluteus maximus (in case you are unsure of which muscle this is I have included an image below)! And my deltoid muscle (again image included).

My diet has been very good and I have been reading up about the benefits of raw food (more about that in future blogs).

I’m in a detox phase and have the common symptoms of slight cold, spots. My body is most definitely eliminating. I will feel great so need to continue past this unpleasant part of the process. So yes nutritionally I am researching and learning much about the general scientific based advise and what works for me as an individual!!!

We are on track!!!!



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Personal Training Days 11,12 & 13

With kid in other people’s care this weekend I was able to attend a party with full on dancing for a few hours! The following day I joined in with Hip Hop class and that evening went out for a well earned Thai meal with a friend followed by more dancing 🙂

Although I was supposed to fit it at least 2 runs this last week as part of my programme, I was unable to due to child care and exhaustion from the full on weekend! This needs yo be addressed for this week as the runs make up an important part of this programme!

Monday morning came and I woke feeling determined to push harder than ever. I woke with some alarming family drama unfolding that needed immediate attention. I had to contact my pt (Simon) and cancel our session. Simon understood and offered to forward me the days workout on text. Although exhausted from the mornings events I managed to squeeze in the workout between making dinner and collecting my eldest son from the airport!! It was a tough long day but I am determined as much as possible to not let anything interrupt my fitness programme.

Here’s to a new day 😊

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Personal Training Day 10

Today was so far the hardest training session so far. I had to muster more determination than ever to see it through! But this was not due to the actual physical activity. It was emotional. My 2 year old spent the first part of the session ( which we conduct in my kitchen) screaming at me to cuddle him!!!! Can you imagine the mummy guilt I was experiencing by not responding to my child’s pleas? It was heart wrenching. As parents we quite rightly put our children’s needs before our own, so much so that to not do so left me with a huge sense of discord. It took a short amount of time for him to realise his screams were not going to get the attention he had hoped and we completed the session with smiles and playfulness.

As a busy single mother I really understand how hard it is to fit in the time to get fit and healthy. It really is like a part time job when you factor in exercise and food preparation. It takes dedication and I am learning through this process exactly how much. Ultimately I will push the occasional mummy guilt aside as its irrational when you consider the benefits to my children as well as myself. Children learn by what you do, not say. I want them to grow into adults that care enough about themselves to be a little selfish and do what it takes to be healthy. To have the vitality and energies required to care for them I must be strong and healthy. I want to see them grow and see their children grow. I will lead by example!

He already happily joins in with drinking my Green Juices 😊